The Therapists

Danielle Cervi

Spa Manager / Esthetician 


The J House Spa was opened on August 31, 2015. We have recruited an amazing team of healers, therapists and beauty professionals. The uniqueness of the J House has always been a draw to me. It has been a pleasure and accomplishment to be part of the property and family here. 

My passion for eyebrows started in high school and I was soon shaping eyebrows for all my friends and family. I knew I wanted to work in a spa atmosphere after being inspired by two women who were already in the industry. Skincare and daily skincare routines have been a part of my life since adolescence.  Twenty years later I am happily working in the industry which gives me a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. 

I believe that routine facials and massages are an essential part of taking care of yourself. The team of professionals at the J House Spa are dedicated, passionate and experts in their craft. We offer customized treatments in a welcoming and relaxing setting. 



Sarah Rotella

Full Body Alignment 

Sarah Rotella, a licensed Manual therapist, Shamanic practitioner, medical intuitive, Energy medicine healer, and Spiritual mentor, has over 35 years of working in the fields of Spiritual Alchemy, energy, vibrational, frequency and physical healing. She holds numerous certifications in advanced studies, and is a current student of Bio geometry and German new medicine. She also keeps current with her formal, and informal studies, with the plethora of forums she is involved with, in order to serve optimally.  Sarah’s current areas of focus and passion are the physical and spiritual wiring systems, the heart,  the brain, nervous and somatic systems. She is proficient correlating the the systems, rhythms  and structures of the physical and spiritual connections of the whole person,  in response to trauma, accidents/injuries, somatic and ancestral healing. She artfully and intuitively integrates both indigenous and modern day technologies,  to unlock core wounding, allowing the innate wisdom of the being to reconnect, recalibrate, heal and transcend, with a greater purpose to access the soul self and consciousness. She is also an experienced mentor and teacher of the alchemical process of healing, through her own lifelong journey, intuitive channeling and current consciousness.


Sofia Tzinis

Lead LMT /  Medical Massage Therapy   /  Registered  RT

Sofia Tzinis, a licensed massage therapist in New York and Connecticut graduated a two year clinical program that involves intense science classes and extensive studies of Acupressure. Sofia's journey first began in a medical setting working as a healthcare professional in diagnostic imaging at Saint Francis Hospital where she was recognized for excellent patient care. Her prospective gradually changed toward a holistic approach of health and the natural healing art of massage therapy, furthermore she became an educator in her field. Greatly inspired by her teacher William R Courtland (author of the book "A Medicine from Spirit") and trained by Acupuncture Physician Wolgang Luckmann she crafted a unique East-West synergistic massage the 5 Element which focuses on releasing stagnation of the body's energetic pathways by rhythmic pressure and tissue manipulation.

Sofia completed multiple advanced training courses and obtained numerous certifications and is always intrigued by new and old knowledge, she cherishes her loyal local following and is grateful for the trust that she earned through the years at the JHouse!! Her intuitive and nurturing demeanor enhances her practice in a special way.

Our arms and hands are an extension of our heart!! Intension is all it takes. Simply Be Present



Suselene Costa Kreibich

Massage Therapist / Esthetician 

Suse is a Licensed Massage therapist and Esthetician who began her career in 2006 as a massage therapist and acupuncturist in Brazil. She completed her training for massage therapy with 4.0 GPA at the CCMT in Westport. In Brazil, she earned her BS degree in Biology and a Post Graduation degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture. In addition, she completed her Master’s degree with honors Summa Cum Laude in Acupuncture at the University of Bridgeport. She is also continuously improving her education internationally, having obtained training at the Thai Traditional Medical Massage Service Society in Thailand and in China at Training Center of the world Federation of Acupuncture at Beijing University. She has an integrative approach, offering a unique combination of Eastern Massage and Western Massage. Suse’s therapies include careful listening to address her clients’ needs, and ushering their bodies toward healing abilities,  grounding, internal calm and fluidity.



Angela Dután

Massage Therapist

Angela started taking classes and attending seminars on Massage Therapy many years ago in South America as part of holistic medicine. She has a bachelors degree in Liberal Arts and became a massage therapist at CCMT IN Wesport, CT. Angela believes in the beneficial flux and reflux of energy during a massage and the power of healing hands.

“Let food be thy medicine...” Hipócrates



Valterli Mangels

Massage Therapist


Val is a licensed massage therapist graduated from CCMT. She loves taking a variety of continue education classes to be able to offer more to her clients.  Her passion is helping people on their healing journey.  She customizes each session to fit every client needs,  whether it is being a general full body relaxation or spending an entire session working with one area of the body.

* massage is powerful and healing



Nuttaya Moran

Massage Therapist

Nuttaya is a Sarga bodywork practitioner who loves a barefoot treatment. She has been practicing massage and providing a Thai massage since 2017. Her work is blended with therapeutic hands-on, barefoot bodywork, and Thai stretching technique. She also enjoy offering the J House Spa treatments, which cherish overall clients' well-being.